Chunky Walnut by Katrin Schubert | January Pattern

In an attempt to create a little bit of balance in my life, I am making an effort to knit some non-Little Grey Heart projects. Even after the knitting marathon I completed over the holiday season, I still want to knit all the time. I will spend the majority of time working on Little Grey Heart, but I want to keep my knitting skills in tip-top shape by exploring all the amazing patterns created by other designers.

I knit Katrin Schubert's Chunky Walnut hat for my cousin Brooke for Christmas. It was a perfect match for her; she loves Nordic looking knitwear, and I drew her name in our gift exchange. I LOVE KNITTING GIFTS FOR PEOPLE. 

It was a quick and fun pattern to knit. I followed the pattern exactly (well, I added a pom, because POMS). I used Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Gypsum, which was fun to knit with, of course. I washed the hat once I finished knitting it. I was amazed how much the color changed. The yarn looked kind of greyish-cream before I washed it, but rich and creamy after. The brim of the hat was a bit wavy. I'm guessing this is because my stitches were a bit tight. However, it kind of works as the waves fit nicely around her face. 

I have some exciting things on the horizon for this winter. Most LGH products are out of stock. After a bit of a holiday break, I am working hard to get everything replaced soon. I am also working on a special edition, Valentine's Day Garland, which is going to be as cute as it sounds. ❤️ 

Quite a few people have reached out interested in purchasing projects I have knit, created by other designers. Out of respect, I do not sell knit goods created by other designers. I *only* sell my original designs. Thanks for the support!