This Month on My Needles | Sabbatical


Usually, "This Month on My Needles" is a retrospective post about what I've been knitting the past month. However, this month I have some exciting news to share about October. Starting now, I on sabbatical for the next four weeks! I am taking this time after working at Lullabot for the last ten years. I am so thankful to have this time to use my brain differently. I currently spend most of my day organizing and planning events in other states and always in front of my computer. I will spend the next four weeks working full-time on Little Grey Heart: blogging, knitting, designing, and selling. I can't wait to have focused time to work on content for my blog, knit merchandise for LGH and myself, and share some of my LGH patterns. I will be selling in Omaha on October 21st at Hutchfest, and in Des Moines on November 25th at Market Day. I am so excited to dedicate a full month to this hobby I love so much. Your support continues to amaze and overwhelm me. I can't wait to share all the exciting things I have planned during the next month.