Self Fringing Shawl | Pattern Review

I knitted the Self Fringing Shawl by Amberly Frost in January 2018. I picked this pattern because it was all stockinette, and I was going to be knitting while traveling. I like to knit simple patterns while traveling, so I'm able to enjoy my surroundings while knitting. I tend to hyper-focus when knitting more complicated patterns and tune out my surroundings. When I knit a super simple pattern, I like to use an interesting yarn. The simple design lets the yarn shine. So, for this pattern, I used Noro Kiso in Santana. The yarn is awesome. It has so much variation in color and texture.

The neat thing about this pattern is the self fringing fringe. I tried to overcomplicate, but it's very simple and really cool how it works. Then you just have to cut the loops.

This pattern is straightforward, quick, and the self fringing technique is fun to learn. I would recommend using the suggested yarn, Noro Kiso, as it adds so much color and textural interest to a simple pattern.