Learn-to-Love-Steeks Blanket | Pattern Review

I recently knit this adorable striped baby blanket for the sweetest and newest member of our family, Baby Will. Baby blankets take forever to make and can be soul sucking. When I saw Learn-to-Love-Steeks Blanket by Purl Soho, I was certainly intrigued. Knitting a baby blanket in the round certainly felt dreamy. The terrifying part about making this blanket, of course, is cutting it down the middle. However, it was amazing. I mean it was terrifying cutting it down the middle (but it was also satisfying). Folding and securing the edges was a bit tedious. Nonetheless, when it was all said and done, it was a great project. I will never knit another baby blanket any other way. 

The Learn-to-Love-Steeks Blanket pattern is fantastic. There is a steeking tutorial that uses pictures and videos to explain every step. I took it slow and followed the directions word for word. No deviations. I feel like now that I understand how it works I could make adjustments if I wanted.  

I had always been curious as to how steeking worked and I'm glad to have one project under my belt.