Puerperium Cardigan | Pattern Review

I made the Puerperium Cardigan for the newest member of our family, sweet baby Will. He was born on March 8ᵀᴴ of this year. 

When I started making this pattern, I kept calling it the "pure premium cardigan," which obviously was incorrect. I looked up what puerperium meant because I thought that would help me call it the correct name; "the period of about six weeks after childbirth during which the mother's reproductive organs return to their original nonpregnant condition." So then I loved the name! It's perfect. Side note, I bet a lot of parents know that word, but it was new to me. 

I wanted to make Will a simple, classic cardigan. It's so challenging to find simple, classic patterns. With all the beautiful yarns out there, I think simple patterns let the yarn shine, but I digress. 

The Puerperium Cardigan, by Kelly van Niekerk, is a very popular pattern on Ravelry. There are two options for the cardigan, short sleeved and long sleeved. I liked the long sleeve and seemed to make more sense to me. It was easy and quick to knit up. I used a Madelinetosh DK from my stash and luckily had precisely enough. The pattern was knit flat, with the exception of the sleeves, from the top down. I was not sure if the button holes would be evenly spaced, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I don't knit a ton of clothing, so I'm always worried about fit, especially since this was a gift, and I didn't have Will's measurements. So, I followed the pattern and hoped for the best. 

Feedback from Will's Mom, "Well, he LOVES it, and I think it is so darling, but he is still growing into it. So it would have to fit a pretty big newborn. P.S. I didn't even do the buttons; I just pulled it over his head. I think it will be perfect for chilly Seattle summer nights. Thank you again!!"

Overall, I was very happy with this project. I would make it again as a gift for a baby. I think Kimono style sweaters are adorable.