A New Year, A New Hat!

2015 was a great year at Little Grey Heart. I fine-tuned the design of the product. I knitted and sold so many hats. I also participated in Market Day, which was so much fun and a huge success. Thank you for all the support. It means the world! 

I am so excited for 2016 and all the possibility that comes with a new year! I have a ton of ideas for new merchandise. I hope to participate in more events where I can sell merchandise and meet and greet with my customers. I think it's going to be an exciting year. 

In honor of the new year, I am excited to announce a new and adorable line of hats at Little Grey Heart... Game Day Hats! Game Day Hats are available in all sizes, newborn, baby and adult. If neither University of Iowa nor Iowa State is your school, order a Game Day Custom Hat, and I will get your school colors knitted up for you.